Polish aluminium extrusion profile

The surface Polish aluminium extrusion profile is an important processing technology in the processing of aluminum profile. It can improve the durability and beauty of aluminum profile products, so as to improve the value and attraction of aluminum profile products. The following are the main categories and brief introduction of the polishing process of Polish aluminium extrusion profile

1: Mechanical polishing

Mechanical polishing can produce a wide variety of surface finishes and textures, whether it's a rough surface, a patterned matte finish, or a classic mirror-like finish.Mechanical polishing can be achieved by a variety of methods, such as polishing, sanding, sandblasting, grinding, or rolling.

If the aluminium extrusion profile product is to be anodized, mechanical polishing must be completed first.This allows the surface texture created by mechanical polishing to be shown through the anodized layer and enhances the appearance of the product.The polishing process also helps to remove small imperfections on the surface of aluminum profiles.

2: grinding and polishing

Lapping polishing is a common mechanical polishing method used to grind hard materials and reduce the surface tolerance of the product.A rotary grinding machine is used in this process, with the grinding material placed on a grinding wheel or belt attached to it.Rough surfaces rub against metal surfaces to remove excess material or irregular parts.Because of the large amount of heat generated by this process, the grinding is carried out at low speeds and the grinding machine and aluminium profiles are cooled using lubricating fluids.

3: sanding process

Sanding is another technique used to produce the desired texture on aluminum extrusions, usually in the form of a large belt sander.The surface finish produced by sanding can be tiny parallel lines etched in the same direction on the product surface, or tiny grooves that form a feathery texture and reduce the reflective quality of the aluminum.Another popular effect is a cross line pattern.This finish is commonly used in bathroom hardware, picture frames and other aluminium extrusion profile products.

4: shot peening process

Another mechanical polishing process is shot peening, which produces a granular finish that helps hide excessive surface defects.

5: rolling mill process

Rolling is a versatile mechanical polishing method that AIDS in deburring, cleaning, and polishing.