Industrial aluminum profile supplier

Industrial aluminum profile supplier is widely used, strong versatility, Industrial aluminum profile is known for environmental protection, easy assembly and disassembly, saving time and money.Many kinds of Industrial aluminum profile , complete specifications, suitable for various types of machinery;No welding, easy to adjust the size, easy to change the structure;Strict dimensional tolerance requirements, high surface finish requirements;Assembly work is convenient and fast, high productivity;The surface is anodized, anti-corrosion, free from spraying, beautiful and elegant, which can improve the added value of the product.

Suitable for application: production line, production line operating table, office partition, screen, industrial fence, all kinds of frames, display shelves, shelves, mechanical dust sealing cover, etc.Industrial aluminum profile surface after oxidation, the appearance is very beautiful, and dirt resistance, once coated with oil is very easy to clean, assembled into products, according to the different load bearing profile of different specifications, and the use of matching Industrial aluminum profile accessories, do not need welding, more environmental protection, and installation, disassembly, carry, move very convenient.

Chalco Aluminum specialized in the production of various Industrial aluminum profile, can be customized according to customer requirements, such as fine grinding, anodic oxidation, electroplating, powder spraying, painting, silver matte, sand blasting, PVDF and so on.And equipped with professional CNC machine tools, can be for customers cutting size, drilling and other further processing.