Custom extrusion in aluminium 7020 profiles

7020 aluminum alloy belongs to the medium and high strength Al-Zn-Mg alloy, which has high strength, good welding performance and process performance. It is the main welding structural material for aerospace spacecraft and ground vehicles and equipment, and is widely used in the manufacture of high-speed train body.

Chemical composition: Al: allowance; Si: 0.35; Iron Fe: 0.40; Copper Cu: 0.20;Manganese Mn: 0.05 ~ 0.50;Magnesium Mg: 1.0~1.4 ;Cr: 0.10~0.35; Zinc Zn: 4.0~5.0 ;Zirconium Zr: 0.08~0.20;Zirconium +Ti Zr+Ti: 0.08~0.25; each: 0.05;Total: 0.15

Chalco Aluminum produces industrial profiles upon demand of the client and offers solutions in many fields such as Transport, Engineering, Automobile Industry and Electrical Applications etc.

A dedicated production unit, which is used for that purpose, guarantees high quality products:

Precision in size

High quality coatings

Smooth, polished and flat surfaces

Mechanical Processing of aluminium profiles

Anodization and Special Cutting

Special Packages

According to ISO Standards