Automotive extruded radiator profiles

Food and clothing,Automotive extruded radiator profiles and we are closely related, for a long time to copper radiator as the main material, but in recent years due to the advocacy of energy conservation and environmental protection, the relative aluminum radiator with its advantages of light weight successfully replaced the copper material. 


The role of Automotive extruded radiator profiles in automobile lightweight is as follows:  

1: small size and light weight.  Automotive extruded radiator profiles adopts a two-component synthetic aluminum core and pipe structure, in the volume than the previous copper is one third smaller, although said to reduce the volume, but the performance of the radiator completely without any adverse effect.  When it comes to cars, needless loads are of course as small as possible.  

2: good heat dissipation performance.  Prolonged heating of the car will lead to the disorder of the car control system. For the driving car, the damage of any part may cause the uncontrolled car. In terms of personal safety, it is very important to choose a good radiator for the owner.  The heat dissipation technology of electronic equipment is also particularly important.  

3 aluminum alloy radiator seismic performance is very good, life is also very long.  Earthquake resistance is also one of the criteria to measure the performance of a car.  

The automobile industry is developing rapidly in China. At present, the automobile production in China ranks fourth in the world after the United States, Japan and Germany. Thus, the demand for Automotive extruded radiator profiles is also increasing.  The heat exchange system, and as the technology update, energy conservation and emissions reduction requirements, suspension systems, braking systems, steering control system, the electric car motor shell, pedals, luggage rack, with a variety of radiator, decoration, aluminum anticollision beam and bumper, frame, panels and other auto parts in aluminum extrusion materials step by step.  Furthermore, the material suppliers in the supply chain are required strictly. 

After 30 years of development, Chalco aluminum has been continuously exploring, researching, improving and innovating the application of extruded aluminum profiles in the automotive industry. In addition to quality process control, aluminum extruded components and materials provided are also optimized for the chemical composition, surface quality, size and mechanical properties of the alloy to fully meet customers' technical standards.  In automotive lightweight and aluminum trailer continues to move forward.