Aluminum extrusion profiles for liquid cooled electric motors

Aluminum extrusion profiles for liquid cooled electric motors has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good heat dissipation, beautiful surface, corrosion resistance, free cutting in the inner chamber and so on.Good performance, beautiful surface, inner hole concentricity ≤0.07mm, inner diameter free cutting, etc.


Aluminum extrusion profiles for liquid cooled electric motors features:

With high quality raw material aluminum ingots, with sophisticated production technology, scientific management and strict quality inspection, the aluminum profiles produced meet national and international standards.

Aluminum extrusion profiles for liquid cooled electric motors paramete


Product specification: 6m (can be customized)

Alloy: 6063 | 6061 (customizable)

Aluminum extrusion profiles for liquid cooled electric motors advanta


1:The material is good, the aluminum alloy used in the product is made of high-purity aluminum ingot,and the production process is "homogenizing rod".

2:High precision, to meet the high difficulty, high precision, high demand for industrial aluminum profile;

3:Accurate size, ensure: use, processing, assembly, etc.;

4:Good appearance, excellent surface treatment effect, no spots, color difference, sand holes, etc.