6063 aluminum profile

The surface alloy of 6063 aluminum profile has good extrusion resistance. If it is a solid profile, the extrusion speed can reach between 20 m/min and 50 m/min, but if you want to better improve the uniformity of 6063 aluminum profile effect, then it is best to let the speed not less than 30 m/min. When extruding 6063 aluminum profiles, be sure to maintain a good temperature, usually the best temperature is 480 ℃.

Therefore, in the alloying elements of 6063 aluminum profiles, magnesium and silicon can account for 1.0%. Since the extrusion temperature of 6063 aluminum profiles reaches 500 ℃, the solid concentration of Mg2Si in it is only 1.05%, and if the alloying elements If there are too many, it will cause that Mg2Si cannot be fused into the matrix in the quenched state, and there will be a lot of undissolved Mg2Si phases, which not only will not improve the strength of the alloy, but will also reduce the type

The treatment performance of the surface of the material will cause the oxidation and coloring of the profile to fail to achieve the desired effect.

The extrusion process will play an important role in the mechanical properties of the 6063 aluminum profile. Relevant researchers hope to enhance the surface quality of the 6063 aluminum profile by improving the strength of the 6063 aluminum profile. Therefore, the extrusion process for the 6063 aluminum profile is adopted. In the process, the same extrusion process parameters are never allowed, and through the above analysis, we can know that if the extrusion speed of 6063 aluminum profile can reach 37 m/min, then the surface of 6063 aluminum profile will achieve ideal mechanical properties , and the relative temperature can reach 510 ℃, and it can be known from this that if you want to ensure that the 6063 aluminum profile will not have spot corrosion during production, it is best to keep the temperature at 480 during ingot casting. ℃ up and down, and then the extrusion speed is controlled at 30 m/min, so that the temperature at the outlet of the 6063 steel profile can have a temperature of 510 ℃.