2024 T351 Aluminum Plate

The main 2xxx series aircraft alloy for more than fifty years, 2024 aluminum is an alloy that is widely used on everything from fuselages and wing tension members through to sheer webs and any area where a tough, durable alloy solution is required. One of the major advantages of using 2024 t351 aluminum plate or 2024 aluminum plate is its resistance to metal fatigue. Over time, many metals can become stressed and weakened by repeated exposure to load bearing or other forces. The 2024 aluminum has been specifically formulated to deal with this problem, allowing repeated load bearing to be undertaken without ill effect. In industries where performance and dependability are at an absolute premium, using 2024 aluminum can be the perfect solution.

With more than TEN years of experience behind us, we have acquired an exceptional level of knowledge when it comes to aluminum and its properties. What this means for our customers is that we are able to supply a wide selection of aluminum sheets, plates, and extrusions to our customers while also providing them accurate and timely information in regard to how these aluminum products will perform when used in various applications. Our skilled team is accustomed to supplying custom aluminum products for the aerospace industry, transport, construction and many more. We have a thorough understanding of aluminum: its properties, tolerances and strengths. This enables us to have a clear idea of how best to meet your design requirements without compromising the quality or durability of the product you need.